Tuesday 16 August 2016

This week......

This week will be quite a big one
On Wednesday I will be all done
Treatment thrice weekly
Got me feeling meekly
Like I couldn't do it anymore
Coz my thighs had got so sore
From that painful slow injection
Designed to boost projection
From nasty lumpy bumpy bits
Getting inside my frumpy old tits
My bank account is now quite bereft
Hospital parking fees are just plain theft
One last trip to the Chemo ward
One last waiting room in which to be bored
One last three week wait
For symptoms to abate
For when it gets to week four
I should no longer be sore
Please understand Herceptin is a hero
Without its treatment my life could be zero
But my tolerance levels are pretty low
Of leading a life so damn slow
So hallelujah praise the Lord and amen
After this week my life should finally begin again!

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