Post Surgery Results

My Surgeon had told me results would be available two weeks after my surgery.  An appointment was made for this.  Disappointingly the hospital called to cancel that appointment as they said the results were not all in and they moved it on 4 days.  Longest 4 days ever!  My brain was now spinning.  Why the delay, why were the results not back?  My brain could not help but go to the darkest of places, I decided to placate myself with the thought that it was just a lab technician on holiday that caused the delay.  Well that's what I told people I was thinking.  Obviously I wasn't, I was back in the dark place.

Results day arrives.  My Surgeon says "Good News", all the margins were clear (that's the area around the lump that they remove to check for any bad cells) and the lymph nodes were also clear!  This is excellent news.  Truly excellent.  But wait, he then says, "But".  Oh dear Lord we have a "But".  I have been found to be HER-2 positive, which my Surgeon tells me will mean Chemotherapy.  I had been so hoping to avoid Chemo, it was the one thing that I really really did not want to have to go through.  But I quickly resigned myself to the fact that having a hit of Chemo was likely to save my life.  No choice really.  I was shocked to be HER-2 positive because only around 15-20% of Breast Cancers are and usually I am not remarkable or different from the norm.  Trust me to be different this time.  The Surgeon explains further that I will now have an appointment with the Oncologist within two weeks and then Chemo will start two weeks after that.  This seemed very impressively fast. 

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