About Me

I am just another ordinary woman who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer,along with the other 55,000 women each year.

There's way too much of it about.

It's a bit common really, I surely should have had something incredibly rare that had an unpronounceable name! On the plus side, the medical profession know what they are dealing with and how to treat the old BC.

I am in my early 50's with a wonderful loving supportive husband and three adult children plus a cat.  I have never had any major illness before, I've been quite healthy, I'm overweight and rather unfit, but I eat as clean as I can.  Just ordinary.  

My raffle ticket got pulled out for this disease, so here I am dealing with it in my own way.

Easter Monday 2015 was the day that life turned upside down.  I had a relaxing bath to ease everyday stresses and found a lump.  Off my journey started.

Again, like many others, I have turned to a blog to help expunge all the thoughts that go whizzing around my head.  

I started off with a Facebook Group, just to keep people informed of how I am getting on

So I am writing my thoughts as I travel along, with the aim of:-

  • Spreading the word for the need to self-check
  • Raising money for Breast Cancer charity  -   https://www.justgiving.com/Alison-Bond1007/
  • Clearing out the whizzy thoughts in my brain
  • Hopefully helping someone somewhere know they are not alone
  • Sharing stuff that I learn and discover
But mostly this blog is just the ramblings of a woman in her 50's who thinks she has something to say!!!

Thank you for reading

Alison xx

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