Oncologist Appointment

I was told this appointment would be two weeks after I saw my Surgeon for the surgery results. It turned out not to be. This was devastating and the one time where I really could not handle things too well. Everything you read says that Chemo should start within 4 weeks of surgery for best effect, especially if you are HER-2 positive. My appointment took 5 weeks instead of 2. I have no wish to criticise the NHS because the treatment I have received has been fantastic, but everything I had been told about dates and waiting times had come to be true. Suddenly nothing was happening. I phoned the Breast Care Nurses who put me through to the Oncologist's secretary who I found out was on holiday. My heart slumped. I felt totally awash with despair. I needed to crack on with Chemo, this is my life we are talking about. I know it was only a matter of weeks that we were talking about, but your mind becomes all consumed with dealing with this old cancer lark. It becomes all about your survival. Eventually I speak to the secretary and a date is arranged. I did breakdown and cry on the phone to her, I just couldn't help it. Dark few days.

So five weeks after the surgery results, I have my first consultation with the Oncologist. Everything now passes from the Surgeon to the Oncologist. She explained that I was Hormone positive, how much ER and PR and so I would be on Hormone Therapy for 5 years. She explained that I was HER-2 positive and so would be on Herceptin for a year. Then she dropped a bombshell. She explained that they had found some cancer cells in the blood supply around the lump site (Vascular Invasion). So not only did the HER-2 warrant the Chemo as a preventative measure but the Vascular Invasion meant the Chemo was required as a mop-up in case any had escaped. This also meant that I needed a CT-Scan and a Full Body Bone Scan to detect for any secondaries. This scared us both. We know the meaning of it goes from being just a precaution to be being a necessity. Until the scan results are in, we will not know which it is.

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