Tuesday 19 July 2016

Super Heroes and Davids

I have only three more Herceptin injections to go, the end is in sight. I cannot wait to be rid of the side effects, after 9 months it is wearing me down a bit. I'm focusing on September, that's when they stop.  I do have to temper my moaning with what the treatment is actually doing, it's fixing me!  Thanks to the NHS.

The super heroes of the NHS just make it happen.  Those heroes manage to take our sick and broken bodies and with a slice and a dice, or a pill and a potion, they reset us back on track to recovery.  Sometimes that recovery is just about giving us extra time to spend with loved ones, sometimes the recovery invokes a brand new lease of life, other times its simply the cessation of pain, or it can be long and slow and involve discomfort and pain before real benefit can be felt.  All of the above situations have happened to my friends and family during the past couple of weeks.  These situations are not unusual and will be happening to people you know too, week in week out, throughout the country. 

There have been a couple of personal heroes in my life recently, both called David!  One donated his kidney to his wife, just wow!!  There are no superlatives to express that!  The other David, in a much more mundane situation, found me looking utterly despondent and forelorn as I had left my car keys in my desk three floors up. It was the end of the day and I didn't have any umph left, so he offered to get my keys for me. It was the end of his day too and a trip up three flights of stairs was probably the last thing he needed, but I was so so grateful.

Big thanks then to the NHS heroes and the everyday heroes in our lives.

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