Friday 17 June 2016

Ear Ear....

What? Eh? Sorry? I can't hear you! That is now me.

After nearly a year of treatments I caught a cold. I'd had no infections at all during Chemo. Fellow chemo-ites fell by the wayside, but not me! My Manuka honey, ginger and Green tea built up a defence to help with my non existant immune system. It was probably more to do with luck really, well that and removing myself from society! So just when I thought I was safe, I succumbed to a sore throat, a thick head, dribbly nose and gunky eye. Then one afternoon my head kind of filled up. Felt like all my sinuses were full and my ears were underwater. My ear did a few loud popping noises then a mega loud long slow scratch like a needle dragging across a record and my ear starting to leak! My eardrum had perforated!!! I didn't have a clue it was going to happen. If I'd had warning I would have done all those blocked sinus things like steaming and hanging your head over the end of the bed! But no warning, just bang, perforated. Because it was leaking, I stuck cotton wool in my ear and looked like one of those sad people trying to say....look at me, I've got earache! Next day the doctor prescribes antibiotics and tells me to stay away from anyone with infections. She also says it will take a minimum of four weeks to repair itself!! Four weeks!!! It's driving me nuts. Push the palm of your hand flat against your ear, that's what it's like, deaf but with a swooshy noise. The weird thing is, I can't tell where any noise is coming from. If my phone is on my deaf right side, I hear it in my left side and so look to the left. I become very puzzled as to why I can hear my phone but can't see it!! I have sympathy now for those cotton wool ear types!

The really bothersome thing about it is my Herceptin treatment got postponed for a week. I know it's only a week but I didn't want to see that end date get extended. I had been lucky and had been well enough to not have any treatments postponed until now.

On the positive side, I'm sleeping really well, because if I lie on my good ear, I can't hear a blinkin thing and nothing is disturbing me!

Five to go......

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