Thursday 16 July 2015

First Week of Chemo is.....

Mid July 2015

Whirlwind tour of first week of Chemotherapy…….

See this solid steel door? I’m going to slam it in your face - now lie down and deal with it. Sleepy, so sleepy. Who slipped me 16 Gin and Tonics?? Dizzy dizzy dizzy. Nausea uh oh, friend’s Stem Ginger biscuits, blissful relief. Hangover from hell. Headache, ouch ouch. Spaced out weirdness. I’m pointing at things but words not leaving mouth. Teenage spots, really?? Can’t move, just can’t move. Open my eyes? How? Lovely sofa, my friend. I’m in the kitchen now, why? Tingly head, tingle tingle. Constipation? You are joking?! Prunes for breakfast. Shower or bed, shower or bed? Bed duh! I can’t drink anymore water, squash, juice, never want to drink again. Sorry lovely husband, didn’t mean to leave the gas ring on. Sooooo hungry, don’t want to eat, yucky thought. Eating feels so good. Lasagne, how good is Lasagne? Floaty floaty pretty things. Spangled head. I can stand up! Oh maybe not. Image of friend singing “Don’t blame it on the Moonlight, blame it on the Chemo”. Mouth……dry. Raspberry sorbet at 4am. Stop rubbing sore bit on tongue, stop it. Magic Iglu cream. Went all day without sleeping, a whole day! No hair loss. More vertical than horizontal. Dizzy is the new normal. Come on week two, it can only be an improvement. I’m ready……

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